Plan and Project Outcomes

In 2016 a Conservation Management Plan for Disert was prepared by Fiona Beglane, Helen Meehan and Louise Nugent, with input from a large number of other people, and in collaboration with IT Sligo.  The plan was formally approved by Disert Heritage Group on 21 November 2016.  The development of this plan was generously funded by the Heritage Council and provides a route forward to further our understanding of the site, while protecting it for future generations.

Highlights include:

  • The history of Disert
  • Folklore
  • Burial traditions
  • Pilgrimage traditions
  • Cures, clays and other traditions
  • Carnaween mountain
  • Results of the geological survey (N. Malcolm McClure)
  • Results of the natural heritage survey (James Moran, IT Sligo)
  • Results of the drone survey (Western Aerial Photography)
  • Results of the geophysical survey (James Bonsall, IT Sligo and Earthsound Geophysics)
  • Results of the archaeological investigations
  • Interpretation of these research elements
  • Photos and newspaper articles about the various events that have taken place
  • Exhibition posters from Heritage Week 2016
  • Plan for the future management of Disert

The file can be downloaded here but be warned, even at the low resolution that it has been saved at, it is 20MB so may take some time to download if you have a slow connection. This is due to the large number of images included.

In 2017 and 2018 follow on projects were undertaken to implement the recommendations of the plan. Reports on these can also be downloaded. One of the major outcomes was the publication, in 2018 of Disert in the Blue Stacks, a collection of poems, songs, music, folklore, history and archaeology.

In 2019 we undertook the first year of archaeological excavation.

Project sponsors:

The primary sponsorship for the creation (2016) and implementation (2017 and 2018) of the Conservation Management Plan was from the Heritage Council, however additional financial and in-kind sponsorship have also been received from the following: Bluestack Centre; Patsy Boyle Tiling; John Campbell (Donegal Co. Co. Members Development Fund); Gallagher Cabs; Institute of Technology, Sligo; Letterbarrow FC; Seamus Sheerin Stores.  In 2019 we received funding through Institute of Technology Sligo, California State University LA, the Institute for Field Research, Donegal Co. Co Development Fund Initiative and Donegal Co. Co. Heritage Office. We are grateful to them and to all our local sponsors.

logoblock 2019 with sponsors