Disert Community Excavation

21 June to 23 July 2021

Some of the team members at the Disert Dig in 2021

The Disert Heritage Project conducted a community-based archaeological excavation between 21 June and 23 July 2021. A total of 33 people took part over the course of the excavation – we are very grateful to them all.

The excavated lands at Disert are owned by Mrs Noreen Boyle and farmed by Con Boyle and are accessed across private lands owned by Ann Boyle and Breege Cleary. The cooperation and interest of these individuals is sincerely acknowledged as this project would not have been possible without them.

For 2021 this project is funded by IT Sligo and Donegal Co. Co. The project has been supported though the Colmcille1500 Grant Scheme which is funded by the North West Development Fund and Creative Ireland, in conjunction with and supported by The Executive Office and The Irish Government.  In previous years we have also received funding from the Heritage Council, Institute for Field Research, Connecticut College, and California State University, LA.

Previous Excavations

The Disert Heritage Project conducted the first season of an archaeological excavation between 1 July and 19 July 2019. This was carried out in conjunction with IT Sligo, California State University, LA, the Institute for Field Research, Connecticut College and Donegal Co Co.  As well as the excavation itself there were a series of social and cultural events – see our Facebook page for details. The community events were supported by Donegal Co. Co. Heritage Office and Donegal Co. Co. Development Fund. We also hosted guided tours of the excavation and had places for community volunteers to take part in actually digging.

You can download a copy of the Preliminary Excavation Reports for 2019 and 2021, which were submitted to the National Monuments Service.

We plan to continue excavating next year.  If you can help to fund future seasons of the excavation then we would really appreciate any donations you can make, however small.

Some excavation photos:

A montage of visitors – thank you to those who visited, and especially to those who brought home baking!

Volunteers conducting survey work in 2016 (c) Fiona Beglane
_1EW9535 (2)
Site tour (c) Ed Wiazewicz
Taking a break from survey work in 2018 (c) Fiona Beglane