Disert Dig 2021 (Heritage Week)

As part of this year’s contribution to The National Heritage Week the Disert Heritage Group are putting forward a video of some of the findings of the recent excavation, presented by Dr Fiona Beglane. Due to COVID 19 restrictions this year’s excavation was a completely community-based project. During four weeks from June 22nd until July 16th, 33 people took part in opening two trenches and recording the findings. Among the volunteers we had a mix of experienced archaeologists, former and current students of archaeology and folks who wanted to have a go. According to the feedback most people enjoyed the experience and learned or practiced new skills. Much of the day-to-day operations were recorded in short videos, participants introduced themselves and spoke a little about what they were doing, these videos can be viewed on the Disert Heritage page on Facebook.

Kind regards to you all, Eugene